Russia (14.08. – 22.08.2018)


I´ve spent 2 years in Moscow (2008-2010) when studying at the university and before moving to Europe. Needless to say, a lot has changed since that time in Russia but especially in Moscow.

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Culture and Mentality


Last week, Rhineland region celebrated a carnival, and today I want to tell you some things I know about this interesting German and not only German event.

Disclaimer: My knowledge of German and other carnival traditions is far from being complete and mostly related to my personal experience: I’ve seen and heard something here and there.

February-March is the season of carnivals all over the world. It seems to me that almost every country has it in one form or another. At the same time, carnivals are so diverse from one place to another, that two nearby cities can have totally different traditions for the carnival.

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Culture and Mentality

What is the Relation Between Closed Shops on Sundays, Religion and Respect of the Individual?

Sunday morning I spent some time searching for an open bakery in the center of Bonn in order to buy the freshly baked bread for the Christmas Eve dinner. For the next three days, Germany will not show any signs of life – the streets are empty, all the businesses and shops, including the supermarkets, are closed. That is the law.  

In Germany, as in many other European countries, the religion keeps playing an important social role, so numerous laws and rules apparently still based on religious grounds.

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Part 2. Education process

In the previous part, I compared different educational systems when it comes to the access to higher education and motivation of students.

Today, I´ll juxtapose the different learning environments that I have experienced myself and that, in my opinion, could play a role in determining the quality of education.

University of Bonn

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What Determines The Quality And Effectiveness Of The Higher Education? (Part 1)

I´ve had a chance to study at 4 different universities in 4 countries. Hence, the higher education is an important and interesting subject to me.

I cannot say that “university tourism” was part of my plans, but I don’t regret anything. Far from it, I actually think I hit the jackpot; not everyone has the opportunity to learn for a long time, in different contexts and circumstances.

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6 Amazing Perks of Moving Abroad

Last time I´ve written about 6 Problems That You May Encounter When Moving Abroad. Yes, immigration is not easy, but one should not forget about the perks of moving to another country. In fact, the benefits are so great that they easily outweigh all the drawbacks (at least in most cases).  Continue reading “6 Amazing Perks of Moving Abroad”


6 Problems That You May Encounter When Moving Abroad

The immigration always implies problems and difficulties. Do not believe the stories of the “problemless” immigration, as if an immigrant didn’t experience any discomfort moving into the new country and everything was smooth and nice. This doesn’t exist.

Another question is, the degree of complexity and the set of relevant problems are different for each person.

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